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Our values - The Edinburgh Way

Watch our values video to get a feel of who we are as a team and what’s important to us:

Our values are central to our strategy, representing who we are and how we do things at Edinburgh Airport – we call it The Edinburgh Way.

We ensure our teams across campus live and breathe our values every day, demonstrating them to our business partners and customers and helping our airport to grow,

We are dedicated to championing our values to do a great job and to ensure we meet both our vision of being Scotland’s stand out business and our mission of delivering outstanding shareholder returns.

Our values are the essential ‘how’ ingredient to the success of Edinburgh Airport.

We have six core business values which we look for in our staff and prospective business partners:


Tackles difficult issues


Inspires others to action


Creates a buzz


Makes things happen


Knows their stuff

External focus

Tuned in

We also encourage our teams to define the values in their own terms depending on their team’s vision and mission. This encourages our staff to discuss our values together and make them applicable to their individual role.

To get a better feel for our culture and team definitions, take a look at our values book...

Values book