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Charity of the Year

Every year we partner with a different charity to help raise funds and awareness for their cause. By focussing on one charity we hope to maximise our impact, both in terms of the money we raise and the promotion and exposure we can give to the charity.

We are working with SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health) in 2020 after they came out on top of a staff vote. SAMH works to provide mental health support to adults and young people all over Scotland.

The impact of Covid-19 meant the normally high levels of engagement and fundraising have been not possible so the partnership will be extended for another year to ensure the airport can work to raise awareness of SAMH and have SAMH provide advice on mental health.

This means we won’t be opening applications for the next Charity of the Year partner until October 2021

The process

We work with our charity for a full calendar year and our staff are always well engaged in the process, from selecting which charity to the fundraising itself.

We open applications for the charity of the year near the end of the year, usually around October, and ask interested charities to apply. We then look at the applications to check they match the criteria we mark against and we then create a shortlist.

We put that shortlist out to a staff vote with everyone directly employed by Edinburgh Airport able to select who we should work with that year.

Examples of fundraising events

The more creative the better! We encourage our staff to get involved and come up with ideas to generate enthusiasm - and it always works.

We've had things like people skydiving for the first time, abseiling from the Forth Bridge, bake sales, volunteering with our charities, an airport perimeter run, even a recipe book made up of staff favourites.

Many of our staff will host their own events or challenges - we just want to do what we can to raise vital funds and awareness of the good work our charities do!

Previous partners

A varied list, which is exactly what we want!

In 2019, £146,263 of support was donated to The Yard, a charity which works with children and young people with additional support needs. That's the most we've ever donated to one of our charities.

We've also worked with Scotland's Charity Air Ambulance (SCAA). Based at Perth Airport, SCAA can be airborne within five minutes of receiving an emergency call and can reach 90% of Scotland’s population within 25 minutes. Our work together in 2018 helped us win the ‘Best Partner Relationship’ award from the Institute of Fundraising.

And we've been lucky to work with Children 1st and Guide Dogs Scotland.