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Procurement and Supplier Information

Having a reliable and efficient supply team is vital to the smooth running of our company. The Procurement department makes sure we get the best value for money when purchasing the goods and services Edinburgh Airport needs, covering everything from our business stationery to civil engineering works.

Getting set up as a supplier

All the suppliers that we do business with need to be approved and set up on our internal system, iDocuments.

Once that’s done, Edinburgh Airport will raise Purchase Orders (POs) to the supplier for goods, products or services provided. These POs will be automatically emailed by iDocuments to the supplier's registered email address. Please note POs can only be issued to one address per company.

Work can only start after a supplier has received a PO. We operate a strict “no PO, no pay” policy, meaning no goods, products or services should be provided to Edinburgh Airport without a valid Purchase Order.

After the goods, products or services have been provided, an invoice should be submitted for the materials and/or services covered by the Edinburgh Airport PO (not a company order number). Invoices that don’t hold an Edinburgh Airport PO number will be rejected.

If you need to update your supplier details please email [email protected]

Supplier Guides

You can download our supplier on-board pack here

Supplier onboard pack


For all our info about invitations to Tender, please email [email protected]

Taxi tenders

More information and documents relating to the first phase of the procurement process for the new five-year taxi area agreement can be found by clicking here.

The small print

Here’s all the T&Cs and policies our suppliers will need.

The Edinburgh Airport T&Cs for the purchase of goods and/or services are our minimum conditions of trading, but we use different contracts to suit all our different procurement requirements.

Purchase order terms and conditions

Edinburgh Airport Byelaws 2015

We also operate a ‘No PO, No Pay’ policy to ensure there’s always a valid contract or Purchase Order.


EAL Speak Up Serious concerns Policy

Code of Conduct Policy

Sustainable Supplier Pledge

As part of the Greater Good strategy we have been evaluating our supply base and identifying those who are demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and CSR. Suppliers who meet the criteria set out in our Sustainable Supplier Pledge are invited to sign up in partnership with Edinburgh Airport. You can find a list of suppliers who have signed up to our Sustainable Supplier Pledge below.

Sustainable Supplier Pledge