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Application for an Edinburgh Airport Decrement Card for discounted Pick-Up Zone charge Byelaws Confirmation

Dear Vehicle Driver / Owner,

Airport pick-up fees are charged in the Airport Taxi Rank and the Pick-Up Zone (PUZ) and these are the only places where it is permitted to pick up in accordance with the Edinburgh Airport Byelaws 2015 (“Byelaws”).

Edinburgh Airport is providing the drivers of hackney cabs and metered private hire cars licenced in Edinburgh who confirm they will pick-up in accordance with the Byelaws, a reduced rate for 15 minutes when picking up pre-booked passengers in the PUZ.

The reduced rate will initially be £3.00 meaning that the taxi/PHC driver can charge the full airport pick-up cost to the customer. There would be no cost to you, the taxi driver, for carrying out an airport pick-up in the designated Pick-Up Zone.

By signing this you confirm you will:

  • Operate in accordance with the Byelaws; and

  • Pay the sum of £30 to replace a lost or stolen Decrement Card.

After signature of this confirmation, Edinburgh Airport will:

  • Issue you a Decrement Card which will reduce the standard PUZ tariff for the first 15 minutes. Normal public tariff will apply after 15 minutes.

  • Apply no charge for issuing your initial Decrement Card.

  • Match the exit charge applied in the Airport Taxi Rank, which is currently £3.00, for the first 15 minutes in the PUZ. This rate is due to increase in April 2021.

If a taxi driver agrees to these terms and is subsequently observed picking up at the airport in breach of the Byelaws (e.g. in the Drop-Off Zone) this is likely to result in the cancellation of his or her Decrement Card. Any funds outstanding on a cancelled Decrement Card will be refunded on application.

To request your Decrement Card, please email [email protected] with the following details:

  • Your name

  • Date

  • Edinburgh Taxi/PHC Drivers Licence Expiry Date 

  • Taxi / PHC

  • Company

  • Email address

We aim to process all applications within 72 hours. We will email you when your Decrement Card is ready for collection.

We will use the information you submit here to administer the Decrement Card Scheme. Our Privacy Policy explains in more detail how we use and manage personal data. If you have any questions about the Privacy Policy, or would like to contact us about your rights with respect to your personal data, please email [email protected]

Decrement Cards

A Decrement Card is a pre-paid top-up card. It can be topped up at any car park payment machine at Edinburgh Airport. You use the card by holding it up to the ticket dispenser/reader at the entrance and exit barriers. The card needs to have at least £3.00 credit to allow entry to the PUZ.