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Responding to today’s announcement by the First Minister, a spokesman for Edinburgh Airport said:

“We of course understand the priority given to protecting public health and whatever steps are taken now to prepare the economy for a sustained period of recovery should not distract health professionals from the important job to save lives and protect the NHS.

“But today we hoped we would hear some indicative dates to allow us to begin planning for some form of recovery, but we are no further forward and remain in limbo.

"There does not appear to be a plan, we are unsure what data will be used to make vital decisions about our future and the remit and membership of a task force announced two weeks ago is still to be confirmed. Meanwhile further divergence will see travellers, airlines and jobs move to England. It seems the Scottish Government remains indifferent to Scotland's impending connectivity crisis.

“If we are going to use New Zealand as a blueprint on suppression then we must also follow their act in support for aviation. Aviation facilitates many things, such as tourism which contributes more than £6 billion to the economy. We cannot afford to throw that away because we failed to invest in protecting our hard-earned direct connectivity."