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Our approach to Sustainability

Sustainability is something that impacts on all of us and as an airport we have been looking at and improving our approach for several years.

Increasing recycling levels, diverting all of our waste from landfill, reducing energy consumption, installing LED lights, introducing electric vehicles to our fleet…there are many ways in which we’ve made a difference to how we operate. And there are more we can make.

We’re a member of Sustainable Aviation, an organisation made up of UK airports and airlines and which has a collective approach to deliver a cleaner, quieter, smarter future for our industry, we continue to examine what else we can do to make our approach as sustainable as possible. We’re also one of 194 airports to sign a pledge to become carbon neutral by 2050.

We understand aviation emissions are mostly from planes in the sky - we believe our changes can encourage our airlines and partners to continue their good work to make their operations and tourism more sustainable.