Edinburgh Airport Community Fund

The Edinburgh Airport Community Fund will award up to £300,000 to local projects throughout 2024.

The fund was established to ensure local communities share in the success of Scotland’s busiest airport. It provides financial support to community groups and charities committed to improving opportunities, facilities, and services available to local people.

Applications for the August meeting are now open.

Objectives of the fund

  • Offer meaningful support to local groups, organisations, and charities in communities impacted by Edinburgh Airport’s operations. 

  • Make a positive difference to those who could benefit from additional funding and potential increased public exposure.

  • Fulfil the airport’s aspirational commitment to be a trusted neighbour that provides tangible benefits to its community.

Check out the Edinburgh Airport Community Fund annual report for 2023 below.

Community Fund Annual Report 2023

Community Fund members 

The Community Fund consists of key representatives from Edinburgh Airport and the local community who each provide independent evaluations of applications.

  • Alex Cole-Hamilton - MSP (Chair).

  • Lucy Henderson - Head Teacher, Kirkliston Primary School.

  • Esther Elliot - Workplace Chaplain, The Church of Scotland.

  • Sandy Legget - Head of Technical Services, Air Navigation Services.

  • Seonaid Gow - Talent and Inclusion Manager, Edinburgh Airport.

  • Aaron McKeen - Sustainability Manager, Edinburgh Airport (Secretary).

  • Iuliana Biru - Student Representative, Edinburgh College.

Charities or community groups associated with members of the Community Board can still apply for funding, but the Community Board member must declare their involvement and withdraw from discussions and the decision-making process.  

Community Fund meetings 

Meetings are triannual, occurring in Spring, Summer, and Autumn. The remaining 2024 meeting dates are as follows:

  • Friday, August 30 (applications are now open until 11:59 on Thursday, August 15.)

  • Friday, November 29

Funding applications will close two weeks in advance of each meeting date and reopen approximately 6 weeks later.

Payments for successful applications generally take 6 weeks to process and approve.

Criteria for funding 

The fund will consider applications from Edinburgh, Falkirk, the Lothians, and Fife that support and reflect material issues and deliverables contained within one or more of the four pillars of Edinburgh Airport’s Greater Good sustainability strategy.

These pillars are: 

  • Zero Carbon 

  • Enhancing Scotland 

  • Scotland’s Best Business

  • Trusted Neighbour

Please familiarise yourself with our sustainability strategy and the four pillars here.

Only non-profit organisations may apply (e.g. charities, community councils, local school groups, community interest companies). Priority will be given to proposals benefitting those living within the communities closest to the airport, or those most affected by aircraft noise and airport operations, and for initiatives relating to:

  • The mitigation against and reduction of the effects of a changing climate.

  • The reduction of local, negative environmental impacts.

  • Supporting local biodiversity, rewilding, and/or restoration of the natural world.

  • The enhancement of local business, community groups and long-term sustainable partnerships in the airport’s surrounding area.

  • Improving healthy working lives and increase upskilling and employment opportunities for the socially isolated, economically deprived, and/or otherwise disadvantaged persons.

  • Improving care, expanding opportunity, providing shelter, and enabling rehabilitation of vulnerable groups in the community.

  • Providing urgent, targeted, local support during the cost-of-living crisis.

The fund aims to support not-for-profit organisations on projects that will leave a lasting, tangible impact. Special consideration will be given to projects that may become self-sufficient as a result of the support.

The fund does not support:

  • One-off-costs

  • Staff salaries

  • Consultant or specialist fees

  • Tickets or entry fees

  • Travel costs

  • Utility costs

  • Stationery

  • IT equipment

  • Perishable or single-use items.

  • Any other costs associated with administering an organisation

All applications are judged on their merits against the criteria. Please ensure you consult this fully before making an application. There is a cap on funding of £7,000.

Gala days and cultural events 

Each year we receive hundreds of requests for support, many of which come from local cultural events.

Gala days, Christmas events, local fairs, and more are all eligible to apply to the fund. However, due to the volume of such requests, a cap of £750 is in place and applications will be judged based upon their proximity to the airport and how affected they are by airport operations. 

Cost of Living Support

In some instances, the Board may support applications which address the cost-of-living crisis in our communities through the purchase of otherwise ineligible items to support foodbanks or similar organisations. Maximum potential funding is capped at £1500 and will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Before proceeding, please familiarise yourself with the criteria below.

Community Fund Criteria Guidance

Further information and examples of past successful projects can be found in our most recent Community Fund report.

Community Fund Annual Report 2023

Applying for funding