Edinburgh Airport Tower

Tower lights criteria

Our control tower is one of the most iconic buildings in Scotland and is immediately recognisable as the symbol of Edinburgh Airport.

Like most iconic and recognisable structures, we get many requests for it to feature in campaigns for a whole range of people, charities and causes. And that includes changing the colour of the lights from our normal brand colour of purple.

As we get so many requests we try to limit the tower light changes to ensure that when we do make the change then it has maximum impact, such as turning blue on Thursdays to thank NHS staff, carers and frontline workers during the Covid-19 outbreak.

In order to fairly decide whether we should change the tower lights going forward, we have come up with a list of criteria which any future requests should be judged against.


Edinburgh Airport will agree to change the colour (if available) of the lights if the cause has a direct link to or impact on the airport. These include:

  • Edinburgh Airport’s corporate charity events

  • National sporting events, e.g. 6Nations, Scotland football and/or rugby matches

  • National campaigns which have a direct impact on airport operations and/or passengers

  • New airline launches

  • All of these are conditional and on advance request only


It's unlikely we will change the colour of the tower for the following types of requests:

  • Any specific club football team colours beyond that of national senior cup final appearances for local teams

  • Any campaign with a particular political party link

  • Promotion of products, direct marketing/advertising

  • Any campaigns with links to gambling or financial industry

  • Non-Edinburgh Airport corporate charities or organisations without a specific link to Edinburgh Airport

*The tower belongs to Edinburgh Airport Ltd and we retain the right to adapt our policy as and when we see fit.