Our industry partners

We often say that aviation is a team game and it's true - airports, airlines, handling agents, retailers, cabin crew, catering firms...there are many people and firms who make up aviation, and we are all working towards a more sustainable future.

Here we will try to provide information on the good work going in our industry so people can learn about the positive steps it is taking to clean its performance and do its bit for the Greater Good.

Sustainable Aviation

We are members of Sustainable Aviation, which is the umbrella group for UK aviation with a long term strategy to tackle the challenge of ensuring a cleaner, quieter, smarter future for our industry.

It's been going since 2005 and is a world first bringing together major UK airlines, airports, manufacturers, air navigation service providers and key business partners.

Sustainable Aviation


Airlines are working to improve their performance and ensure passengers can travel in a more sustainable manner. Obviously every airline will have its own plans and strategy but they all work towards one thing - a cleaner, quieter and smarter future.

Find out more about the approach our partner airlines are taking.

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