Reports and information

We know that a key part of the Greater Good is tracking our progress and making information publicly available for others to track our progress. We are all playing our part in helping to achieve a more sustainable future and we want people to be able to see what we've been doing to help Scotland get there.

On this page you will find our Greater Good Sustainability Strategy along with other key documents such as our Net Zero Strategy. There is also information on our carbon footprint including with what we are doing to reduce our footprint, as well as how we are identifying and assessing climate-related risks

Remember - think about if you really need to print these documents as even things like that can help you make a difference.

Our policies

Carbon Policy

Environmental Policy

Greater Good Sustainability reports

Greater Good - Our Sustainability Strategy

Greater Good Sustainability Report 2022

Greater Good Sustainability Report 2021


Edinburgh Airport is now carbon neutral for emissions under its direct control, demonstrating the airport's commitment to a more sustainable future.

Details of our methodology for calculating our carbon footprint, carbon management and offsets purchased can be found in our Qualifying Explanatory Statement (QES). We understand we have long way to go and have committed to achieving Net Zero by 2040, and this is an important step in our journey.

Net Zero Strategy 2023

Carbon Management Plan 2021

QES 2023

QES 2022

Climate Change Adaptation Report

We've been working to identify and assess climate-related risks at Edinburgh Airport, while considering future planned actions and ensuring they are appropriate.

Climate Change Adaptation Report 2021

Community Fund Annual Report

The Community Fund was established to ensure local communities share in the success of Scotland’s busiest airport. The fund provides financial support to community groups and charities committed to improving opportunities, facilities, and services available to local people.

Community Fund Annual Report 2023

Sustainable Supplier Pledge

We have been identifying suppliers who demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Companies who meet the criteria set out in the Sustainable Supplier Pledge can sign up to it in partnership with Edinburgh Airport. A copy of the pledge can be found below:

Sustainable Supplier Pledge