Framework for future access to Edinburgh Airport

Improved public transport connectivity and the creation of a new access road feature as Edinburgh Airport sets out its framework for how passengers and staff will access the travel hub in the future.

Scotland’s busiest airport this week launched its Surface Access Strategy, examining its current transport connectivity while also laying out five key aims to enable better access in the years to come.

In line with its expansion over the past decade the airport’s catchment area has extended, and continues to extend, across the country and beyond – attracting visitors from Edinburgh and East Kilbride to Sutherland and Sunderland – and facilitating inbound tourism throughout Scotland.

At present 37% of journeys to and from the airport campus are made by public transport, the largest share of any UK airport outside London, and the ambition is to grow this further while reducing congestion by enhancing the existing road network.

As well as providing a second route into the airport campus, the new access road would deliver an active travel corridor alongside public transport prioritisation measures.

Feedback on the strategy will help inform future plans, and the five key aims set out within the document are:

  • Encourage and incentivise new public transport routes.

  • Promote sustainable travel options to passengers and staff.

  • Support the expansion of active travel routes to and from the airport.

  • Improve road connectivity and reduce local congestion.

  • Champion and adopt the use of green technology across the campus.

Gail Taylor, Chief Commercial Officer (Non Aero), said:

“We’re expecting record passenger numbers in 2024 and with this trajectory of sustainable growth set to continue in the years to come it is important we work with our partners ensure access to and from the airport is as strong as it can be.

“Passengers from across the country, and beyond, use the airport – whether it be to take a holiday, travel to see relatives, explore new business and education opportunities, or as a gateway to Scotland – and our Surface Access Strategy sets out a framework for its future connectivity.

“In line with our Greater Good sustainability strategy, sustainable transport is a key priority for us and the aims we’ve outlined will help increase public transport use, reduce congestion, and enable better access and more direct journeys for passengers and staff.”


You can view Edinburgh Airport’s Surface Access Strategy here.

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