Airport seeks new charity partner for 2022

Applications are now being accepted to become Edinburgh Airport’s Charity of the Year for 2022 as the partnership with mental health charity SAMH comes to a close.

The airport works with the chosen charity to help raise funds and awareness for their cause and is normally an annual partnership, but the airport has worked with SAMH since 2020 and extended the partnership by another year due to the pandemic.

The initiative has been running since 2012, giving financial support and increased awareness to a number of charities. It’s also brought countless rewards to our business by engaging staff in a collective effort for the benefit of our wider community.

The criteria for 2022 has been updated to ensure that this year’s charity will align with the airport’s Greater Good sustainability strategy, with the new partner supporting one or more of the key pillars in the strategy:

  • Zero Carbon – charities who are working against and to limit the impact of climate change

  • Enhancing Scotland – charities playing their part in managing environmental impacts such as waste and recycling

  • Scotland’s Best Business – charities supporting people into employment or providing wellbeing initiatives in communities

  • Trusted Neighbour – charities carrying out essential and vital work in our local communities

Gordon Dewar, Chief Executive of Edinburgh Airport said:

“Our Charity of the Year programme is something we have always looked forward to as we enjoy working with new partners, learning about them and raising awareness of the fantastic causes they are involved with. The past two years has been difficult due to the impact of the pandemic on our business but SAMH have been great partners and we have been proud to work with and help them.

“As we look to recover in 2022, we want one of the first things we do to be finding a new charity of the year and to help them with the good work they do, and we want that work to be something that works for the greater good in one of our local communities. I would encourage charities to look at the criteria and consider if we can help them, and we look forward to asking our staff to select who we partner with over the next twelve months.”


Applications open on Friday 15 October and close on Friday 5 November. More on the Charity of the Year application process.

Learn more about our Greater Good sustainability strategy.

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