Sustainable suppliers at Edinburgh Airport

As part of Greater Good - our sustainability strategy - we have been identifying our suppliers who demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

At Edinburgh Airport we want to do our bit in the fight for a more sustainable future, but we know we can't do it alone, The Sustainable Supplier Pledge was created so that we know our suppliers apply the same ethical, social and legal standards that we hold ourselves to.

The pledge covers four different areas - the environment, employees, human rights and ethics, and health and safety. Suppliers who meet the criteria set out in each of these areas can then sign up to the pledge in partnership with Edinburgh Airport.

Sasse, a provider of facilities services, was our first supplier to sign the pledge following their great work in this area, and since then we've seen many more sign up.

You can find a full list of suppliers who have so far signed our Sustainable Supplier Pledge below.

A copy of the pledge, including further details and information on how to sign up, can be accessed using the button below.

Sustainable Supplier Pledge

There are four key pillars within our Greater Good strategy. They are as follows: Enhancing Scotland; Scotland's Best Business, Trusted Neighbour and Zero Carbon.

Find out more about our sustainability strategy here.